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DTN is a group of dedicated volunteers comprised of four Officers and a Board of up to 11 Directors.

Meet the Team!


President: Chad Susott DDS​​

  • Runs general meetings

  • Coordinates committees

  • Public Relations Lead (Public Speaking, Television, and Newsprint)

  • Website and Social Media Lead.

  • Millie Hill Trail Boss

  • Pewabic Hill Project Trail Boss

Vice President: Bob Werner

  • Bike Routes Lead including the Iron Belle Trail

Treasurer: Brent Fulks DDS,MS

Secretary: John Trester

Board of Directors

Steve Veihl

  • Trail Design/Building Committee Lead

MIke Halley

  • Marketing

Chad DeGroot

  • Grants and Fundraising Committee Lead

Merlin Calkins

  • Fumee Trail Boss

  • Fumee Grooming Lead

Karol Domitrovich

  • Equipment Committee Lead

Kyle Lindstrom

Alex Tunnicliff

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