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The three pillars of Dickinson Trail Network are


Trails - PARTNERSHIPS - Community

Partnerships with our local businesses, municipalities, and landowners are at the CORE of who we are.  Without support from our trail partners, our vision can not become reality.


Platinum Level  ($5000+)

Boss Logo 2.jpg

Gold Level  ($2500)

Speedy-logo-100-blk-outline1 - Copy.png

Silver Level  ($1000)

Iron Mine.jpg
Dagenais Foundation.png
Danielson Insurance Logo_edited.jpg

Copper Level  ($500)

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Midwest Ministorage.jpg
UP travel.png

Upper Peninsula Travel and Recreation Association


Introductory Level  ($100)

Jacobson Heating and Air Conditioning

Hardcore Pursuit

C J Graphics

Nicolet Bank

Why partner with the Dickinson Trail Network?

Trails directly benefit and indirectly impact your business by:

  • Bringing tourism dollars into the area and local dollars directly to your door.

  • Creating new and supporting existing jobs, both seasonal and professional.

  • Enhancing quality of life for existing employees and attracting young professionals and their families to the region.

  • Hosting events that support the trails and attract visitors to the region.

  • Protecting land and providing public access to Dickinson County's expansive natural places.

  • Providing volunteer opportunities that create strong communities

  • DTN is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and your gift may be tax deductible.

  • Employees respect leaders that support community initiatives they believe in.

How your business can support Dickinson Trail Network

  • Donate money, equipment, materials and/or services.

  • Organize an employee volunteer workday to “Adopt-A-Trail.”

  • Host or co-host a fundraising event – the more creative the better!

  • Collect donations at your place of business or via a link on your website.

  • Launch an employee match program.

  • Provide discounts other perks to trail volunteers and/or DTN Members.

Trail Partner Benefits

Partnering with the Dickinson Trail Network involves multi-faceted recognition of your business or organization. DTN is connected to individuals and families on the local, regional, and national level, all of whom are seeking a healthy and exciting outdoor experience Dickinson County. Our professional outreach allows you to connect with a wide variety of local and visiting mountain bike enthusiasts, as well as hikers, trail runners, cross country skiers, and snowshoers that visit or are considering visiting Iron Mountain, Kingsford and Norway. Our Partners will gain access to this valuable demographic through our outreach programs, membership, website, events, press coverage, and social media promotions.

Thank You Trail Partners for your Continued Support!

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